Getting the Presses into the Studio

We arranged to have the presses shipped from Hicks Brothers Printing Equipment in Fremont California (across the bay from San Francisco) to Provo.  The Hicks brothers got them ready and crated them so they could get picked up by a transport company.  They came to Provo on a semi with an old surplus military truck.


This caused quite a commotion in the neighborhood.  Neighbors came from all around to see what was happening.


At first I was going to move the presses myself.  I figured, “I’m an engineer.  I can handle this.”  As I started thinking about all the potential problems and cost involved I decided to call in the professionals.  We hired Atlas Riggers to move the two presses and our 26″ Chandler & Price paper cutter into the basement studio.  That decision turned out to be a very good one.  Altas sent three riggers  out.  They also brought a forklift and hired a crane with an operator.  They lifted the presses and cutter over our house with the crane and set them down in the new stairwell I constructed leading down to the basement.  We got a little worried when the riggers asked us if everyone was out of the house.  Here’s the vandercook be lifted.

Flying Vandercook


We lifted the Heidelberg by attaching a bolt to a point inside the press designed specifically for this purpose.




Here are a couple of pictures of the Heidelberg going over the house.

crane 2

crane 4

The presses were met by the riggers at the stairwell in the back of the house.  Here’s the vandercook.

vamndercook and riggers

Here’s the Heidelberg.

heidelberg and riggers

It was a pretty interesting process since the crane operator couldn’t see where the presses were being set.  The riggers had to tell the crane operator what to do with radios.  It went surprisingly well.  The riggers then moved the equipment over the door threshold and into position in the studio.  It was really amazing.  The riggers must have asked me five times, “You were going to do this yourself?”  It’s a really good thing I didn’t try.


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