October Ink – Guest Designers

October Ink was another of our recent guest designers.  October Ink was formed by two life long friends and designers Jayne Swallow and Morgan Rapp, and is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They grew up together and even when they were little they always loved being creative partners. After completing college art degrees… Continue Reading

A Video About Paper Bandit Press

For Christmas our daughter Candice paid a filmmaker to make a video about us and our company.  The video introduces you to our studio and shows some of the process of making a letterpress printed greeting card. Here is the result. PaperBanditPress from JeremyAndersonFilms on Vimeo. The filmmaker is Jeremy Anderson.  We think Jeremy did… Continue Reading

Kelly Purkey – Guest Designer

On occasion we invite a designer to design a line of cards for us.  This week on Instagram we have been featuring a line of cards designed by Kelly Purkey.  We have known Kelly for a long time.  We first met her through our daughter Candice Stringham who got to know her when they were… Continue Reading

Handmade Mood

There is a new blog that we are loving called Handmade Mood. It is a place for beautiful inspiration, delicious recipes, high impact DIY’s and all their favorite things.  They want to inspire you to create, embellish, and craft an amazing handmade home and life.  With two photographers on the team, the pictures are so… Continue Reading

A Nice Recognition

We have been trying very hard to get our name out there and become recognized.  We try to be active on Instagram and Facebook.  We have an Etsy site and we try to add content to this website frequently.  We seem to be making progress, but it is slow.  Over the Christmas holidays we have… Continue Reading

Maintaining Letterpresses

Our presses are amazing machines each with its own individual character.  The Heidelberg T platen (commonly called Windmill) is an incredibly complex piece of machinery with literally thousands of moving, interacting parts.  There are all sorts of adjustments needed to coax it into printing properly.  Finding the right combination can be difficult.  What works one… Continue Reading

The New Studio

So the presses and cutter were in the new studio.  We  bought a really great cabinet for the studio at the local university surplus sale.  It was used for mailboxes in the performing arts department.  It is oak with six drawers and lots of adjustable cubbies.  We use it to store ink, tools, photopolymer plates,… Continue Reading

Getting the Presses into the Studio

We arranged to have the presses shipped from Hicks Brothers Printing Equipment in Fremont California (across the bay from San Francisco) to Provo.  The Hicks brothers got them ready and crated them so they could get picked up by a transport company.  They came to Provo on a semi with an old surplus military truck.… Continue Reading

Perparing the Studio for the New Presses

Our studio is in the basement of our home.  This presents some problems.  Moving a press that is 3000 pounds and four feet wide into a basement presents all sorts of problems.  Our basement has been an apartment where a couple of our married children have lived with their new spouses when they were married. … Continue Reading

Learning How to Use the Letterpresses

One of the great services provided by the Hicks Brothers is training.  They told us they would train us how to use the presses and take as long as was needed.  We arranged to go out to their warehouse in Fremont California for the training.  We were there for three days and worked from ten… Continue Reading